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You could win $2800 worth of great stuff March 27th and even win our weekly What's Your Story drawing Wednesday. Enter today at 5p - 7p est.

LET'S TALK VO: Listen to the LIVE shows Monday and Wednesday at 5:00pm est. Join the conversation and gain valuable tips. Our live show panelists are listed on the show page. Check out the live Audition Underground Review and catch the Movie Phrase to enter the Ultimate Prize Pack giveaway March 27th. You could also win our weekly What's Your Story drawing just for entering the Ultimate Prize Pack our live drawing. Congratulations to Galena White and David Gilbert our 1st two winners.

ULITIMATE PRIZE PACK: VO Radio turns 1 Wednesday March 27th. We plan a special 2-hour live event show, with several special guests. Enter into the Ultimate Prize Pack contest all March long, with the grand prize drawing to be held LIVE Wednesday March 27th. Here's how to enter... Listen to the live shows Monday and Wednesday at 5pm est, then listen for our Movie Phrase of the night, and complete the entry form by 7pm est. Your name will be entered into the live drawing March 27th for a chance to win the Ultimate Prize Pack worth $2800 in value. You can only enter during live shows. It's that easy! (note - one entry per person)

WHAT'S YOUR STORY: We have created What's Your Story. This is a new feature and starts in March. Great news, we're letting listeners win a chance to be the first voice talent to be interviewed live on Let's Talk VO. How to win... All March long, listen to the live shows, then enter into the Ultimate Prize Pack drawing and at the end of each live show, we will randomly pick 1 entry into the Ultimate Prize Pack, and that talent will win a What's Your Story interview on a future live show.

AUDITION UNDERGROUND: Talent of all levels are welcome to read a featured audition, then submit the audition for our review. Then starting Feb 1st every Monday listen to Let’s Talk VO and panelists randomly select 1 talent audition, and offer constructive feedback live on the air. Record and submit you audition here..

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: You can be featured on our Artist Spotlight. We share voice over demos from voice over talent around the industry, and feature these demos in rotation with other voice talent daily on the air. Submit your up to 2-minute fully mixed voice over demo of choice.

LISTEN ON-DEMAND: Can't listen live? Check out the on-demand area and access free features, interviews, comedy, and past Let's Talk VO live shows online. Also check out many full-features from our contributors.

IPHONE AND ANDROID APPS: Be sure to download our new apps for iPhone and Android free and listen right from your phone anywhere.

NEW - 24/7 FEATURES: We are proud to welcome new feature contributors to the VO Radio program line-up. Check out the newest contributors on our program page and reach out to say hello. Tune-in and check the broadcast schedule of these and all 2024 features.

NEW - LIVE MUSIC: We all love going to concerts to enjoy live music. But the cost of going to a live concert can exceed $250 or more a ticket. We at VO Radio has the solution with our new live music tracks. Listen everyday and enjoy some of the best hand-picked live music now playing along with our general multi-genre mix of hit music.

NEW - ADVERTISE ON VO RADIO: VO Radio now offers industry trainers, coaches, audio / video vendors, gear resellers, and other voice over related services the ability to reach our voice over audience. Review the Advertising Sponsorship package below and consider being marketed here on VO Radio.

REACH A CONTRIBUTOR: Have something to ask a specific contributor, or panelist? Feel free to go to our contributor page and fill out the inquiry form. The contributor will be notified and respond asap.

LISTENER FEEDBACK: We want your feedback. Please take a minute and use the link below to submit our new listener survey at VO Radio. This will help us make the broadcast even better. https://voradioonline.com/listener-survey/

AUDIO TESTIMONIAL: Use our self-record tool and send us a audio testimonial, while plugging yourself as a voice over talent to listeners aired on the broadcast. Go here or visit this website link. https://www.voradioonline.com/feedback
CONTRIBUTOR SPOTLIGHT: Mike Previti is a seasoned professional, excelling in both voice acting and singing. His lifelong passion for entertainment led him to secure an agent at just twelve years old, kickstarting a career that spanned commercials, stage performances, and on-camera experience. As his journey evolved, Mike’s love for music took center stage. He honed his skills as a singer-songwriter, creating, recording, and producing his music while captivating audiences on stage. Learn more here.
I created VO Radio for you. We are very honored to have you as a listener of the 24/7 Internet Radio Stream for the entire global Voice Over industry.

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