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Hi Subscriber, Exciting news, here are new features added this week on the 24/7 broadcast at VO Radio.

NEW - TEACHABLE MOMENTS: Anne Ganguzza brings her decades of wisdom to VO Radio with Teachable Moments. These popular, powerful tips focus on areas that impact your voice over career, and success. See the Feature Broadcast Schedule to see the feature times each day,

NEW - PSYCHIC VOICE OVER: Xavier Paul brings her decades of wisdom to VO Radio with Psychic Voice Overs. His feature helps you better read between the lines, and interpret these limited specs as a voice talent using your psychic ability. See the Feature Broadcast Schedule to see the daily feature times.

NEW - LISTENER LIGHTENING EMAILS: Every Wednesday Let's Talk VO panelists, answer listener emails during the Lightening Round. We now share these email answers as a audio feature on the 24/7 broadcast, so you can benefit from the advice shared by panelists. See the Feature Broadcast Schedule for daily feature times.

NEW - VO RADIO TUBEES: introducing Tubees our new live stream on YouTube. Join us LIVE and catch our live meet-up every week as we answer listener emails, and have a very honest discussion about the state of our voice over industry. Learn more here.

NEW - ENCORE REBROADCASTS: We are now rebroadcasting Let's Talk VO shows every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm est. Now you can catch LIVE shows as usual every Monday and Wednesday at 5pm est, and catch the ENCORE presentation Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm est. Never miss Let's Talk VO again.

NEW - ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: We've added all Artist Spotlights online, so you can hear fellow voice talent 2-minute demos submitted by listeners of VO Radio.
I created VO Radio for you March 20th 2023.Thanks for listening. We are very honored to have you as a listener on this 24/7 Internet Radio Stream for the entire global Voice Over industry.

Thanks for being part of our listener family at VO Radio.

Anthony Reece
Director VO Radio
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