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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: This is our attempt to showcase various voice over talent demos, from across the industry. This feature offers you the ability to be promoted on the VO Radio website.

You can be featured FREE on our new daily feature called the Artist Spotlight, where we air voice over demos from voice talent across the industry, and feature these demos in rotation with other voice talent daily on the air.

Simply submit your up to 2-minute fully mixed voice over demo of choice by email here now.

After review, if accepted, we will add it to our feature and you will become part of our Artist Spotlight here on VO Radio.

NOTE: we require a headshot, or logo and your website address, or how to find you online!

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Buick – (professional / sharp)
When everything’s in the right place , you can’t go wrong. Which makes the Buick Enclave the such an easy choice.

It’s full of features like the intelliLink voice activated sound system, the industry’s first front center air bag and
available seating for up to 8. Finally, a better way to get comfortable with technology.

The redesigned 2013 Buick Enclave. It’s your kind of luxury. Discover more at Buick.com


Bermuda Triangle – (mysterious / curious)
For many years, writers, treasure hunters, meteorologists, and geologists have been trying to prove the urban
legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, the area includes the western section of the North Atlantic. Ships and aircraft have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

More current and in-depth
research has revealed that the number of missing ships and planes is proportionately no different than anywhere else in the ocean.


Adventure: (character 1) Hey, man, the day job is stress free. I can play my own music, hike when I wanna, mess around on the Internet, or just chill out if I please. Yes sir life like a rock star is preety darn good if you ask me.

Nervous: (character 2) There is no way, you’re getting me to go in there without just cause. Do you think I’m crazy or just stupid? Hmmm but maybe just maybe…it’s a cave for aliens! Ok cool lets check it out.

Angry: (character 3) This has to be the most crazy, irresponsible idea you ever had as a soldier. I should never have promoted you to commander of this ship. Get yourself out of my chair and off my bridge.

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