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Audition Underground: Voice over talent of all levels are welcome to read a weekly featured audition script on our website below,  then submit the mp3 audition for our review live on Let’s Talk VO.

We then will randomly select 1 talent audition, and offer constructive feedback live on the air. Read any of the 3 scripts below, then upload and submit the track, or use the self-record tool.

Then listen to Let’s Talk VO live Monday at 5pm est to hear our reviews live.


NOTE: we require a headshot, or logo and your website address or how to find you online!

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7 – 11 (friendly, fun, playful)

So it’s 2:00 in the morning…and you’re starving. Nothin’ in the fridge, and nothin’ in the cupboards. You don’t even have dog biscuits hangin’ around.

You think about cooking, but then you remember the 3-alarm fire you started last time you tried using the stove. Well, check out 7-11.

There’s gotta be one right near ya’. They have everything from burgers to tacos…24 hours a day…7 days a week.

7-11. Think of it as your own personal walk-in kitchen.


Beethoven (historical, timeless, elegant)

Of all the hundreds of symphonies that have been composed, none can rival in popularity or emotional interest the nine great symphonic works that Beethoven wrote.

Beethoven took music off the pedestal of formal beauty, where Haydn and Mozart had left it, and immersed it in the whirlpool of life. He roughened it up until it began to do what he expected it to do … to express problems, evoke emotions, move and struggle exuberantly.

More people can respond at once to a Beethoven symphony than to any other. Many have written fine symphonies, but Beethoven’s remain in a class by themselves, as invaluable a part of our heritage as are Shakespeare’s plays.


Super-Hero (strong, bold, confident)

The world is about to change. And we can make sure it changes for the better. 

When wicked forces are coming for you, I will help you. I can save you but you need to trust me. I know what these beasts can do and I have defeated them before.

Let me train you and together we will rid the world of this evil. We will gather an army and take the fight to them but on our terms.

Let us ride together as one in arms and show the world that good can triumph over evil.

Your trust in me will not be for nothing. The clouds are lifting and bright days are ahead for us all!

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